Apple Explains 'Why iPad' in New Marketing Campaign

The marketing team at Apple must be busy lately. A couple weeks ago, Cupertino rolled out new information and marketing for the iPhone on the company's site. And just earlier on Thursday, Apple revealed a new campaign for Final Cut Pro X. Now, a new section on Apple's site is proclaiming the many reasons to purchase an iPad or iPad mini.

"When iPad was introduced, there was nothing quite like it. And there still isn’t," reads the new page. "Today millions of people are using iPad and iPad mini to do just about anything you can imagine. Here are a few reasons why they’re loving every minute of it."


Apple took the opportunity to reiterate its recent awards from J.D. Power and Associates. The iPad was ranked the "highest in customer satisfaction" for tablets in 2012. According to the related graphic, 81 percent of tablet-based web traffic comes from the iPad.

And of course, what would an iPad -- or any other iOS device, for that matter -- marketing push be without mentioning the App Store. Echoing recent comments from senior vice president Phil Schiller, the page includes a less than subtle nudge at perceived vulnerabilities in the Android platform.

"Other mobile platforms have a myriad of fragmented store options, resulting in availability issues, developer frustration, and security risks," reads the site.

Apple and Samsung have been trading marketing jabs since the Galaxy S IV reveal event. But you know what would sell even more iPhones than clever marketing, Apple? New iPhones.


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Weekend Recap: Apple Password Reset Fixed, Nokia CEO Tosses iPhone

Storybots Abc Videos 200pxAnother weekend, another recap! And what a truly weird, wild weekend it was, which kicked off with Apple discovering (and then plugging) a big security hole in its Apple ID password reset system, Nokia's CEO tossing a reporter's iPhone and a look at how the Cleveland Museum of Art is implementing the iPad for personalized tours. Missed all of those stories? Then you've come to the right place, my friends...

Apple Plugs Security Hole in Password Reset System

As we reported on Friday afternoon, Apple wrapped up last week by having a gaping security flaw in its Apple ID password reset system exposed, potentially affecting all users who haven't yet switched to two-step verification. With nothing more than the Apple ID in question and the user's date of birth, anyone with knowledge of the vulnerability could reset the password, bypassing any security questions that might otherwise foil them. According to iMore, Apple's iForgot web page returned late Friday night with the security hole closed, so users are once again safe from harm -- but we'd recommend activating two-step verification on your Apple ID, just the same.

Nokia CEO Tosses Reporter's iPhone During Interview

The Verge reported Friday that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop attempted to deflect questions about an updated Lumia 928 handset during an interview with MTV3 in Finland last week by tossing the interviewer's iPhone across the studio floor. The uncomfortable exchange obviously made it to YouTube, where it can now be enjoyed by one and all around the globe. Elop promised to replace the presumably broken iPhone with another handset, although he continued to dodge the existence of a Lumia 928, which is widely rumored to land here in the U.S. on Verizon Wireless.

Apple Introduces "Offers In-App Purchases" Warning for Freemium Apps

As first noticed by The Guardian, Apple is now publishing a small "Offers In-App Purchases" warning on so-called "freemium" apps that cost no money to download, but could potentially rack up a big tab afterwards. The small text warning is located directly below the Free button for each affected app in iTunes, or to the left of the Free button on the iPhone. The tweak is likely in response to the recent bad publicity the App Store has received from kids racking up big in-app purchases on their parents' iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, almost always to their surprise.

Cleveland Museum of Art Uses iPads for Customized Tours

The New York Times is reporting that the Cleveland Museum of Art has added Apple's iPad to their interactive tour experience, which also includes a 40-foot wide touch screen which displays icons of all 3,000 objects on display there. By touching one of the icons, that exhibit can be moved to an iPad to create a personalized tour focused strictly on the visitor's interests. The custom tours can be also be shared with other visitors who choose to bring their own iPad or rent one from the museum for $5 per day. The interactive addition is the work of museum director David Franklin, who fully expects other museums to copy the concept soon enough.

StoryBots Debuts Trio of New Kid-Friendly iOS Apps

The folks over at StoryBots released three new free apps for kids last week, so we'd be remiss if we didn't give you a heads-up about them. The first is KidQuoter for iPhone, which allows parents to capture all the funny things your little one says, turn it into art and share it with the world. ABC Videos gathers the company's ABC Jamboree videos from YouTube and puts them into a single app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, while Tap & Sing for iPad helps kids learn music and have a lot of fun at the same time. All three apps are now available on the App Store, so what are you waiting for…?

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