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INSTANT MBA: Becoming An Entrepreneur Is A Family Decision

Rachel Brooks Bryn Mccoy Citizen Made

Today’s advice comes from Rachel Brooks, CEO and co-founder of the online store custom software company Citizen Made, at the FOCUS 100 Symposium:

“It’s a family decision when you decide to become an entrepreneur. So you need to make sure that you have a family decision when you’re coming into this, because when you start a company and you’re bringing other people into the fold, other people’s livelihoods are on the line because of you.”

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a great decision, but it’s not just your decision, says Brooks. It’s crucial to be aware of the needs of those who depend on you. Entrepreneurship doesn’t always lead to success, and it can be time-intensive.

Be sure to talk to your family and friends about any concerns they may have about how the decision could affect your relationships. Talking openly as you’re initially getting your endeavor off the ground will help ensure their support of your decision.

“It’s important to understand that responsibility and make sure that you’re stacking your deck for success.”

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