• Rihanna: Fan Favorite in Manhattan

    No matter how successful she becomes, Rihanna always remembers to thank the loyal followers who have made her career possible.

    The Barbadian pop singer stepped out of her hotel this morning (August 22) wearing a printed t-shirt and jeans as she greeted a few lucky bystanders and signed autographs.

    Meanwhile, it seems Ri-Ri and Drake are once again the subject of multiple dating rumors and one source says the Canadian rapper is keen to reignite their flame.

    “He wants the thrill right now and if Rihanna allows it, he’s in. He’s not trying to get serious. They’ve both learned that isn’t possible, at least not right now.”

  • Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Post-Baby Physique in Ice Bucket Challenge Clip

    She became a mother on June 12th, and finally Kelly Clarkson has stepped back into the public eye for a good cause.

    The “Since You’ve Been Gone” singer and her husband Brandon Blackstock both partook in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as a means of raising funds and awareness for research to help find a cure for the debilitating disease.

    Kelly uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption, “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge accepted!!! Calling out Brian and Val Pittman, Alyssa and Sean Watson, Ashley Arrison and Aben Eubanks, Joe and Christina West and Narvel Blackstock! Don't forget to donate at www.alsa.org!”

    Last month, Clarkson marveled at motherhood, tweeting, "I still can't believe I made a human. #topthat #firstglassofwineintenmonths.”

  • Zac Efron: Puff Puff Give on the “We Are Your Friends” Set

    Getting down to work on his new project, Zac Efron showed up on the set of “We Are Your Friends” in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday afternoon (August 21).

    The “High School Musical” hunk puffed away on a hand-rolled cigarette as he got into character as a deejay who tries to make it big.

    Meanwhile it looks like the unlikely romance between Zac and Michelle Rodriguez was pretty short-lived, as insiders are reporting that Rodriguez is back with Cara Delevingne.

    One source told press, “Michelle is going to do her own thing. Zac knew this about her when he got with her. He's very into her though, and perhaps more than she's into him.”

  • Justin Bieber: Motorcycle Maniac on the Sidewalk!

    He’s never been a fan of traffic laws, and Justin Bieber decided he didn’t need to wait for his turn to go while riding a motorcycle in Beverly Hills on Thursday (August 21).

    The “As Long As You Love Me” singer took his Can-Am Spyder out for a spin, though when the traffic got too backed up, he opted to ride up onto the sidewalk.

    However, Justin’s antics nearly caused a serious incident when he almost ran into an elderly woman with a walker.

    And while most people would be a little shaken after such an occurrence, the Biebs simply kept rocking out to his music, completely oblivious to his surroundings.

    Check out the Video at TMZ.

  • Vanessa Hudgens is Pretty at Pilates

    Taking care of her incredible figure, Vanessa Hudgens showed up at a Pilates studio in Studio City, California on Thursday afternoon (August 21).

    The “Spring Breakers” babe exited the building and immediately shielded her face from the shutterbugs as she scurried off to her car.

    Thanks to her spectacular cover shot for Flaunt magazine, Vanessa has everyone talking about her flawless physique as of late.

    She previously confessed, “I become fitness-obsessed, sometimes I work out twice a day. I love to practice yoga because it's good for the mind and the soul.”

  • Stacy Keibler Gives Birth to Baby Girl!

    Adding to the celebrity baby fever as of late, Stacy Keibler welcomed her first child on Wednesday, August 20th at home.

    The 34-year-old actress and her husband Jared Pobre named their newborn daughter Ava Grace Pobre and they couldn’t be happier.

    Stacy announced the blessed news on her website today (August 22), stating, "Jared and I have been blessed with the new love of our lives.”

    “Ava Grace Pobre was born at home on Wednesday, August 20th. We’ve never experienced a level of joy and happiness like this before! Thank you so much for all of the special wishes and positive energy."

    Earlier this summer, Keibler told Fit magazine, "Before we met, both Jared and I had told our parents we didn't think we'd ever get married or have kids. But when you're with the right person, everything changes. My epiphany happened shortly after Jared and I started dating, and once we both knew, we didn't hesitate. I just knew I was ready and that there's no one else in the world I would want to do this with."

  • “If I Stay” Scores $1.1M For Thursday Opening

    It’s going to be a good weekend for fans of Young Adult drama, as “If I Stay” is now in theaters and has already posted some respectable numbers.

    Last night (August 21) the Chloe Moretz flick raked in a cool $1.1 million in ticket sales, putting it on track for $18M to $20M by the time Monday morning rolls around.

    Per the synopsis, “This is the story of a 17-year-old girl whose family is killed in a car accident. The accident puts her in a coma, and as she wavers between life and death, she must decide if she'll fight to live for her boyfriend or join her family in death.”

    “If I Stay” also stars Mireille Enos, Jamie Blackley and Joshua Leonard, under the direction of RJ Cutler.

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Doused in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video: Watch Here!

    She’s always looking for ways to help others, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was eager to do her very own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Thursday (August 21).

    The “Mad Max: Fury Road” stunner stripped down to a tank top and some bikini bottoms as she prepared to get drenched with some icy cold water.

    Rosie captioned the video, “I accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and donated at www.alsa.org and I nominate [Guy Aroch, Cassandra Grey and Cher Coulter]!”

    And as the freezing flow fell over her head and shoulders, Ms. Huntington-Whiteley let out a blood-curdling scream before she began jumping up and down to try and warm herself.

  • Tyson Beckford Slams Justin Bieber For Hanging Out with Ex Shanina Shaik

    He loves to mingle with models, and Justin Bieber took a special liking to Shanina Shaik while vacationing on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain earlier this month.

    However, when TMZ asked Shaik’s ex-boyfriend Tyson Beckford how he felt about the Biebs going after her, the handsome male poser had a few choice thoughts.

    Tyson declared, “Actually, she didn’t spend too much time with Bieber. She spent a lot of time with me. And that’s all I’m saying.”

    Mr. Beckford also questioned Mr. Bieber’s masculinity, stating, “Little boys can’t have grown man toys. That’s all I’m saying.”

  • Jennifer Lopez Tells Chelsea Handler “I’m Not One To Like Whore Around!”

    She’s been enjoying the single life as of late, but Jennifer Lopez doesn’t plan on going stag for too much longer.

    During her interview on “ Chelsea Lately” last night (August 22) the “Wedding Planner” star noted that she’d rather be tied down to one man than play the field.

    Lopez explained, "I like being in a relationship. I'm not one to like whore around and stuff like that—that's not my thing."

    After Handler burst out laughing, J. Lo sounded worried that she may have been too loose with her lips- "This is late-night TV… It's OK! You've cursed like 25 times already."

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