• Kim Kardashian: No to Makeup, Yes to Kendall Jenner Topless!

    Kim Kardashian has managed to post two revealing photos in one.

    The reality star, who allegedly took 1,200 selfies in Thailand, unveiled a makeup-free self-portrait on Instagram today and included with it a shot of sister Kendall Jenner topless.

    "LOVE @kendalljenner on the cover of LOVE," Kim wrote as a caption, showing off Jenner's latest magazine spread.

    Kim Kardashian No Makeup Pic

    Is it weird for one sibling to be flaunting the picture of another sibling half-naked? Yes.

    But Miley Cyrus put a picture of Noah Cyrus on the Internet this week and referred to the 14-year old's "#tigolbitties."

    So, in this case, Kim's photograph and reference is actually quite tame.

    To her credit, Kim Kardashian has actually posed make-up free on a number of occasions, giving fans their one glimpse at something real about her life.

    Here's a look at other stars who have done the same:

    Lorde No Makeup
    Lorde isn't just wearing no makeup in this Twit pic. She's wearing pimple cream!

  • Kaley Cuoco Covers Women's Health, Continues to Hold Out on Big Bang Theory Contract

    Kaley Cuoco appears on the cover of the new issue of Women's Health magazine, and while that "Quickie Sex" headline sadly has nothing to do with Kaley's interview, the actress and popular web celeb does share some interesting workout strategies (which again, sadly, don't involve sex):

    Kaley Cuoco Womens Health Cover

    "I'd say I work out four to five times a week," said Kaley. "I do SoulCycle, yoga, and horseback riding. I love to just get out there and be active."

    Well, Kaley's got plenty of time to workout, take Old West photos with Ryan Sweeting, and do all the fun, bubbly things that she enjoys, as contract disputes between the cast and producers of The Big Bang Theory have officially delayed filming indefinitely.

    Believe it or not, BBT is the most popular sitcom on television at the moment, and Kaley - along with co-stars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons - is using her considerable clout to negotiate a major payday.

    When all is said and done, it's expected that the series' three leads will pull in upwards of $1 million an episode and receive about .25% of the show's profits.

    That may not sound like a very big piece of the pie, but when you consider that Big Bang pulls in about $2 billion annually...well, let's just say Kaley will have plenty of cash to throw her husband massive surprise birthday parties for the rest of their lives. 

    Forget all the yoga and SoulCycling (whatever that is), at this point, can't Kaley just pay someone to work out for her?

    Kaley Cuoco Bikini Photo
    The world's hottest Kaley Cuoco bikini photo. Which is saying a lot.

  • Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray: No Rush to Get Married! Totally in Love!

    Not that she needs to take Sean Lowe's advice, but reigning Bachelorette Andi Dorfman appears to be on the same page with the former Bachelor star.

    Waiting until next spring to say "I do" may seem like an eternity for a duo that got engaged after a two-month courtship, but in real world terms?

    Pretty normal. And healthy, to be perfectly honest.

    Josh And Andi
    Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray on The Bachelorette. They are a great-looking duo.

    "Andi is okay with a long engagement," a show insider exclusively says. "She is in no rush to get married, but she definitely wants to marry Josh."

    Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray say "probably spring" is when they'll the knot, but there is no date set. For now, the engaged pair is simply "very happy together."

    He's just happy not to have to share her anymore.

    "It was very difficult for Josh in the house," a source said. "He is a very jealous guy and for him to see Andi with other guys ... it was really hard for him."

    Is that a red flag? Not necessarily, the insider says, given the circumstances: "I believe he was just really into her and didn't want to imagine her with anyone else."

    Speaking of which, Nick Viall didn't mean to humiliate Andi during the After the Rose special, the source says, chalking that up to Nick's wounded feelings.

    "He was just so in love with Andi," the insider explained. "When he made that comment about the Fantasy Suite, he wasn't meaning to be mean."

    "People say and do things when they are hurt by someone and I think him saying that was an accident ... but also very telling about his feelings for her."

    As for how Josh feels about Nick's feelings, if he's bothered by the runner-up's shocking Men Tell All confession, he's not showing it. He said after the fact:

    "I couldn't care less. I didn't even see Nick [on Monday]."

    "It is what it is," added Andi. "That's him showing his colors or beliefs…Everyone may be talking about it, but it's so over and done and it's been over and done."

    "This happened months ago, so we've put that behind us. I'd rather people just talk about us and talk about the happy couple. We did it. We are in love."

    What do you think? Will these two last? Vote:


    Andi Dorfman And Josh Murray On The Bachelorette
    Andi Dorfman found love with Josh Murray on The Bachelorette. Will this romance last longer than her precedessors?!

  • 7 Dogs That Totally Have Mustaches!!!

    As previously documented, some animals really want to be human.

    Heck, some animals think they are human.

    They get up on two legs, they sit at the table for dinner, they drive cars and motorcycles. And, yes, some are even in need of a shave.

    Or not because, let's face it, mustaches are totally adorable on canines!!!! Click through the following pictures and take a closer look at dogs that have legitimate facial hair.

    (Not really, but it looks like they do and it's a lot cuter to pretend as if it's real.)

    7 Dogs Who Have Mustaches Got A Razor
    Not only does this dog have a mustache, but it looks like he's wearing socks!

  • Leonardo DiCaprio "Flipped Out" Cheering on Orlando Bloom During Bieber Fight, Source Says

    By now, the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber fight is the stuff of Internet legend, with varying accounts of what happened spreading across the web like wildfire.

    Some say Bieber started it by taunting Bloom about Miranda Kerr. Others say Bloom started it by refusing to shake Bieber's hand.

    One thing that everyone seems able to agree on, however, is that Leonardo DiCaprio was on hand. And, as usual, he was awesome.

    • Extreme Justin Bieber Close Up
    • Orlando Bloom Photograph
    • Dicaprio Pic

    Spanish ex-journalist Anastasia Skolkova was the first to post a video of the fight online and her account of how it all went down pretty much confirms that DiCaprio is still the coolest man in Hollywood even if he has packed on some serious pounds recently.

    Oh, and of course, Lindsay Lohan was there too:

    "When Orlando punched Bieber, everyone started clapping," says Skolkova. "It was amazing. Lindsay was laughing. The whole table [Bloom] and DiCaprio were at started clapping."

    She added that Leo began "flipping out" with apparent pride over the fact that his boy threw a punch at Biebs.

    The DiCaprio snubbed Bieber in brutal fashion the last time they crossed paths, so while the cause of their beef remains unknown, there's little doubt that Leo is no fan of the Biebs.

    Fortunately, when it comes to hating on Justin, DiCaprio has plenty of company:

    Taylor Swift Grossed Out By Jelena Kiss
    Taylor Swift has feuded with Selena Gomez many times over her relationship with Bieber. This is how she feels when the two of them kiss.

  • Khloe Kardashian Blames Lamar Odom For Rob Kardashian's Drug Problem

    Rob Kardashian has been in a dark place lately.

    The sole male Kardashian and former sock designer made headlines for the first time in years when he skipped Kim Kardashian's wedding seemingly to avoid negative press regarding his overweight and generally unhealthy appearance.

    It didn't work. Photos of a bloated and bleary-eyed Rob spread like wildfire on the web, as did news that Kardashian is suffering from an addiction to sizzurp that may well prove deadly.

    No one knows for sure what may have triggered Rob's decline, but his sister Khloe scertainly has her theories:

    Discussing the matter with Brody Jenner in a a clip from the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe blames her troubled relationship with Lamar Odom for sending Rob down a bad path.

    "Rob has said, '[Living with Khloe and Lamar] was so dark and it made me do dark things.'"

    In a voice over for the episode, Khloe says, "Only Rob and Lamar and I know what went on in that house. I'm a nurutrer and I want to protect everyone. I wasn't there to protect Rob. I wasn't even there to protect myself. No one can make me not feel guilty."

    Khloe never mentions drugs specifically but considering Lamar struggled with crack addiction amongst other demons, it seems pretty clear that she's blaming her brother's addiction troubles on her ex.

    Khloe For Kuwtk

    F-ck me with a dildo if that's what you think.

    F-ck me with a dildo if that's what you think.

  • Michigan Man Sues Shaq, Waka Flocka Flame, Trey Burke For Online Bullying

    Retired NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, rapper Waka Flocka Flame and current NBA player Trey Burke are being sued by a man for mocking his appearance online.

    Jahmel Binion Photo

    Jahmel Binion suffers from a disorder called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which causes limited hair growth, missing teeth, and facial deformities.

    He posted a selfie on Instagram back in April, after which Shaq and Waka both reposted it with captions that were clearly making fun of his physical appearance.

    How he's suing the trio, along with Burke, for bullying him, essentially.

    Once Shaq found out about Jahmel's condition, he not only took down the post, he got in touch with Jahmel and apologized, according to reports.

    He tweeted about that conversation: "Made a new friend today when I called and apologized to Jahmel Binion. Great dude. #alwayslearning #MYBADCUZ."

    It wasn't enough for Jahmel, who filed a defamation suit against Shaq, Waka and Burke, who allegedly threw in his own insults over social media.

    The lawsuit points out that more than 8.4 million people saw the insults from the trio, and claims that Binion suffered as a result of their treatment of him.

    Jahmel, 23, tells Michigan's Macomb Daily that when the apologized, he feels "they were saying it to get the pressure off of them for being considered ‘bad people.’”

    In making that serious allegation, Binion notes that the trio received serious backlash on the Internet for several days prior to reaching out to him.

    “Even though I accept their apology," he adds, "I hope that they donate to my cause or other organizations that connect with ectodermal dysplasia.”

    His attorney says the three “constituted a public disclosure of embarrassing private facts about the plaintiff” and “placed plaintiff in a false light in the public eye.”

    The “offensive communications” and ridiculing was done “with reckless disregard to the harm that might be caused” to Binion, the complaint says.

  • Two Dudes Recreate Famous Movie Posters for Some Reason: See the Results!

    We try not to question artists here at The Hollywood Gossip.

    That guy who dressed up as female celebrities on Instagram?

    Hey, whatever floats his eccentric boat. Who are we to judge?

    Along similar lines, two male friends recently got together on Imgur and recreated a number of iconic movie posters, posing as if one of them is the king of the world... they are both Step Brothers... and/or they are worth to make like Wayne's World.

    These amazing pals have been alternating these photos as their Facebook profiles over the last few years and an acquaintance finally decided the entire world needed to finally see what they've been up to.

    So, to this anonymous acquaintance who made the pictures available online, we say: THANK YOU!!!

  • Katy Perry "This is How We Do" Video: Straight Stuntin', Chillin', Twerkin' Like Dat!

    Katy Perry has just dropped another music video, and "This is How We Do" throws it back stylistically to the 29-year-old star's "California Gurl" roots.

    In the vide, we see the singer getting her nails done, singing karaoke and enjoying some ice cream all while wearing some rather outrageous outfits.

    And if there's one thing we know about the tour de force that is Katy Perry, it's that she has amazing ... er, she loves her outrageous, food-themed outfits.

    There animation in the clip evokes her emoji-tastic lyric video for "Roar," while much of it thematically harkens back to the 2010 smash hit "California Gurls."

    You could even say it feels like you're being transported into a bizarre, albeit enticing video game inspired by Perry, which we would totally demo.

    Heck, if there's a Kim Kardashian video game, how could this be worse.

    Perry is pretty stoked over the release of the music video, posting a link to the release on her Twitter and captioning the tweet with some song lyrics.

    "#THISISHOWWEDO CHILLIN LAID BACK, STRAIGHT STUNTIN' YEAH WE DO IT LIKE DAT," she wrote with a manicure and cute girl emoji, obvi.

    The only downside we can see here? Sadly, there are no whipped cream bras involved in the making of this music video. But nothing's perfect ...

    Katy Perry Whipped Cream
    Katy Perry and a whipped cream bra star in this GIF that doesn't conjure up any sexual thoughts whatsoever.

  • Sharknado 2 Ratings: HUGE!!!!!

    Sharknado 2 has official devoured the original Sharknado.

    According to a Syfy press release, the ridiculous(ly awesome) film was viewed by 3.9 million people last night, good enough for a 180% increase over the first version.

    Along with becoming the channel’s most-watched original movie, Sharknado 2 delivered one BILLION estimated impressions on Twitter.

    Welcome To Sharknado 2
    "Two of my friends were killed, I almost destroyed Los Angeles ... And, oh yeah, I almost got eaten by a shark. How much 'fun' do you think that was?"

    Syfy will unleash Sharknado 2 in encore airings on Saturday, August 2 at 7PM and Sunday, August 3 at 9PM (ET/PT).

    The movie brings back Ian Ziering and Tara Reid and also features such special guest stars as Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, Kari Wuhrer and Judah Friedlander.

    Those with cameos include Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Billy Ray Cyrus.

    Also, in case you were wondering: yes, Sharknado 3 is already in the works. Heck, we expect Sharknado 4 to be announced any hour now.

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