• The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: One Wrong Turn

    When does some simple corn maze fun turn into an all-out disaster?

    As evidenced by events on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5... when Ivy gets loose in Mystic Falls, partially eats some guy to death, that guy stumbles in front of Tyler's truck, and Tyler subsequently plows through the Homecoming party.

    OUCH! Times, like 79.

    Staked Alaric

    The corn massacre left many developments in its wake. To wit:

    The dude Tyler hit was pretty much a goner. That meant Tyler's werewolf curse would be triggered.

    But Liv stepped in and actually suffocated the guy to death, meaning she technically ended his life, doing Tyler a serious solid. He thanked her profusely and said he'd live up to the favor.

    Liam showed off his skills, saving many lives due to some serious medical skills, turning Elena on in the process and acting like a "hero" on her eyes. She kissed him as a result.

    Jo and Alaric also saved some lives, prompting the former to pour out her feelings to the latter after all was said and done and no one died. But Alaric isn't in a place where he can date, so he compelled her to forget all she felt...

    ... except she kissed him anyway, seemingly oblivious to the compulsion.

    Ivy, meanwhile, ended up getting apprehended by Tripp, with Caroline looking on. Uh-oh!

    Finally, in 1994: Bonnie realized that Kai needed her alive because the spell that locked him on May 10 was a Bennett spell. So only a Bennett witch could do it. Bonnie killed Kai when she realized they didn't need him...

    ... except he came back to life because of the curse/spell. He's destined to relive May 10,1994 over and over and over again.

    As he fought with Bonnie and Damon, Bonnie tossed Damon the Ascendent and said some magic words and sent him back to present day Mystic Falls. (Killing herself in the process?)

    We ended the hour with Stefan and Damon reuniting via a tear-filled hug that left our living room very, very, very dusty.

    What did everyone else think of the episode? Are you glad Damon is back in Mystic Falls? Do you think we've seen the last of Bonnie? And what are your thoughts on Bonnie?

    Go watch The Vampire Diaries online via TV Fanatic to relive the installment and check out the promo here for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6:

  • Wendy Williams SLAMS Bruce Jenner in Transphobic Tirade: His Poor Kids!

    Talk show host and despicable human being Wendy Williams has a long history of shouting offensive BS in order to help her remain relevant.

    For example earlier this month, Williams told Jennifer Lawrence to "shut up" after the actress spoke for the first time about the nude scandal that affected hundreds of female celbrities.

    Classy stuff. On Monday, Williams set her sights on another celeb in the midst of a traumatic crisis, and she has yet to respond to the outrage that's resulted from her latest comments:

    As you've likely heard, reports that Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change seemed to be verified this week after Jenner was spotted wearing what appeared to be red nail polish.

    Williams addressed the Jenner rumors and the delicate issue of gender identity with her trademark tact and compassion:

    "Thank God he waited for his kids to grow up before making this transition or whatever it is he's going through," Williams said on her talk show today.

    "Can you imagine how awful it would be for those kids if he showed up with a blowout, a shaved Adam's apple, pink nail polish, smoking a cigarette at a PTA meeting?"

    As you might have guessed, LGBT rights groups were less than thrilled with Wendy's commentary:

    "To suggest that a person's nail polish or hairstyle would inflict harm on their children is just ludicrous," said a spokesperson for GLAAD. "What does inflict harm, however, is gross and invasive speculation about a person's gender identity."

    Yes, Williams exposed her ignorance in many ways through that comment. Come on, as if Bruce Jenner would ever attend a PTA meeting! Kendall and Kylie quit school years ago!

    Bruce Jenner Hairstyles Through The Years The Mop Top
    Bruce Jenner won Olympic Gold in 1976, despite a mop top full of hair that bounced all around during the Decathlon.

  • Jill Duggar Baby Bump Photo: 19 Weeks (One Kid) and Counting!

    Jill Duggar has posted another cute baby bump shot after a relative hiatus from Instagram, and boy has our girl popped since her last profile photo.

    See #BabyDilly really showing in her 19 week picture below!

    Jill Duggar Baby Bump 19 Weeks
    Jill Duggar's baby bump sure has popped here at the 19 week mark!

    She's officially in her second trimester, and boy can you tell.

    BOY, we sure can. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are expecting one, if you hadn't heard. They confirmed the gender, and shared the news, as soon as they could.

    The proud soon-to-be dad, who entered into a covenant marriage with Jill just six months ago, shared a sweet snapshot of his beautiful and expectant wife.

    "Just about halfway now to meeting our son!" Derick wrote.

    While you couldn't see much of a bump when she was 11, 12 or 13 weeks along and posing for these pics, Jill Duggar most definitely looks pregnant now.

    Not that she would keep anyone wondering, but if there were any doubt that she's with child and not just putting on a few pounds, that doubt is outta here.

    She's 19 weeks and Counting. Too perfect, isn't it?

    While she'll only be that far along once (per pregnancy), you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online over and over again to relive the duo's wedding.

    It aired this past week, and was simply magical.

    Derick Dillard Jill Duggar
    The Arkansas natives grew up within 45 minutes of each other, but didn't meet until late 2011. Jill recalled when Derick stopped by while caroling with a church group, and not long after, "Derick contacted my dad and asked if he would be a prayer partner during his two-year term in Nepal."

  • True Detective Season 2: New Roles Cast?

    Vince Vaughn is in as a career criminal trying to go legitimate.

    Colin Farrell is on board as a detective with a shady past.

    Taylor Kitsch has confirmed that'll be playing some role and rumors continue to circulate that Rachel McAdams will join the cast as a colleague of Farrell's.

    So, who else may be taking part in True Detective Season 2?

    4 Actors

    According to Deadline, four new names/faces have surfaced as strong contenders for the next edition of this critically-acclaimed drama.

    The new report states that Michael Irby will play Elvis, McAdams’ character’s partner.

    Leven Rambin will play a woman with a checkered history.

    Kelly Reilly will play “the self-possessed Morgan,” whatever that means.

    And Abigail Spencer will play the survivor of a sexual assault.

    HBO is yet to confirm any of these names. The network, in fact, has only announced that Vaughn and Farrell will be anchoring the True Detective Season 2 cast.

    It has also said that the season will center on three cops and a criminal, all of whom must react to some kind of conspiracy that takes place in the aftermath of a murder.

    Filming will soon be underway, with new episodes scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2015. So it's safe to assume the network has to make some follow-up announcements one of these days.

    As for our True Detective Season 2 casting suggestions...

    The Kardashian Sisters
    Stop or their mom will shoot... you with a camera she borrowed from E! for some reality show footage.

  • June Shannon Admits to "Spending Time" With Mark McDaniels, According to New Report

    Last week, the world learned that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star June Shannon is dating a convicted child molester by the name of Mark McDaniel. 

    Shannon claimed she's cut ties with McDaniel at the time of his arrest 10 years ago. Initially, Shannon's family corroborated her story.

    • June Shannon Mug Shot
    • Mark Mcdaniel Mug Shot

    Shortly after the scandal broke, however, the already shocking story took an even more appalling turn as June's daughter Anna Shannon revealed that she was McDaniel's victim and stated that she no longer believes her mother's story. 

    Now after a week of denials and a mountain of evidence, June has reportedly confessed that she has been spending time with the man who molested her daughter, but insists she only did so because she "feels bad" for McDaniel:

    Anonymous sources claim that following the release of photos showing McDaniel in the company of Shannon's youngest daughter, Alana, "Mama June" finally admitted to contacting McDaniel and allowing him into her home.

    "June insists that Mark only wanted to apologize for what happened with Anna," an insider tells Radar Online. "She felt bad for Mark and wanted to help him get back on his feet."

    "Alana did spend time with June and Mark, but she insists he was never alone with her."

    Given that McDaniel served ten years in prison for sexually assaulting one of her daughters, and June initially lied about being in contact with him, her justification seems unlikely to win her much sympathy. 

    Reality Tv Family
    This family is way more famous than you are. It's just unclear why, exactly.

  • Mother Petitions Babies R Us, Urges Chain to Stop Selling Kardashian Clothing Line

    A few days after Toys R Us caved to pressure and pulled a few controversial Breaking Bad action figures off its shelves, a mother in Kansas is now hoping Babies R Us responds in similar fashion.

    To a petition to get the Kardashians out of their stores!

    Kisses From The Kardashians
    The Kardashians blow some kisses our way in this appearance. This is a photo from their fragrance launch in 2011.

    Amie Logan has started a petition on Change.org that urges the chain to stop selling the Kardashian clothing line because she doesn't want her "child to grow up to be a Sex Tape star."

    Really. Her petition (awesomely) says that.

    "You pulled the Breaking Bad toys because they promoted Drug use," Logan writes, addressing the company in her diatribe, which raises the following point:

    "You should pull this clothing line because it promotes bad behavior as well. The madness has to stop. If the toys are damaging so is the clothing."

    The Kardashian family's clothing line on sale at the store currently includes a pleather mini skirt, a leopard print faux fur vest and pleather leggings.

    Parents are mostly worked up over fact that these items are designed for infants ages 0-24 months, which helps explain why Logan's petition has over 9,000 signatures.

    No word from Kim or Kris or anyone regarding this drama as of press time, but we think Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul makes the best point out of everyone:

    Why is no one talking about Barbie and the negative influence she has on young girls around the globe? Seriously ... that question needs to be answered.

    Barbie With No Makeup
    Barbie with no makeup looks different, that's for sure. A lot different.

  • Thomas Menino Dies: Beloved Boston Mayor Was 71

    Thomas M. Menino - the longest-serving mayor in the history of the city of Boston - died today at the age of 71.

    Thomas Menino

    Menino was elected to his post back in 1993. He retired earlier this year after overseeing a decades-long urban renewal project that revitalized the appearance and identity of the city in which he was born and raised.

    Just two months after stepping down in January of 2014, Menino announced that he was battling an advanced form of cancer that had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.

    Menino's most notable achievement in recent years may have been serving as a source of strength and guidance for frightened citizens in the wake of the Boston marathon bombing of 2013.

    "Bold, big-hearted, and Boston strong, Tom was the embodiment of the city he loved and led for more than two decades," said President Obama in a statement issued earlier today.

    "As Boston's longest-serving mayor, Tom helped mane his hometown the vibrant, welcoming, world-class place it is today. His legacy lives on in every neighborhood he helped revitalize, every school he helped turn around, and every neighborhood he helped make a safer, better place to live."

    Menino leaves behind his wife Angela, as well as two children and six grandchildren.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967 2014
    R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will forever be missed!

  • Khloe Kardashian: Posts Booty-ful Lingerie Photo to Celebrate 14 MILLION Instagram Followers!

    It's been a tough few months for Khloe Kardashian.

    First she dumped French Montana, presumably after learning he cheated on with every chick he laid eyes on.

    Then she attempted to divorce Lamar Odom (finally) but apparently hasn't been able to locate the dude.

    Fortunately, KK has a productive way of dealing with stress: Based on the photos she's been posting, Khloe hits the gym every day.

    So naturally when it came time to mark the occasion of reaching 14 million (!) Instagram followers she decided to celebrate by showing the world that all that hard work has paid off:

    Khloe Kardashian Butt Photo

    Khloe's unlikely to win any feminist fans by captioning the pic "#THOT" (Internet slang for "that hoe over there"), but the shot itself should certainly gain her more male followers.

    Khloe even blurred out the rest of the pic to ensure that all eyes are on her famous Kardashian asset.

    There's been rumors that Khloe is suffering from an eating disorder, but she certainly looks healthy to us.

    Perhaps even more importantly, despite all the break-ups and drama of the past year, it certainly looks as though Khloe isn't suffering from any self-esteem issues.

    Maybe we can all learn something from the youngest Kardashian sister. Or maybe we should just all stare at this pic.

    Khloe Kardashian Green Screen Pic
    Khloe Kardashian chills here in front of a green screen. She is now the big 3-0!!!

  • Dog Jumps Into Bed, FLIPS THE EFF OUT

    Think you're excited to crawl into bed after a long and stressful day?

    Sorry, but not since the Kim Kardashian sex tape was filmed has anyone had as much fun between the sheets as the canine featured in the following video. 

    All he needs is a bed, no humans taking up room in it and watch him flip the eff out now:

    This isn't the first time a dog has acted uncontrollably happy for a seemingly mundane reason.

    Remember when that Corgi went crazy over seeing that spoon? Or the time when that dog saw a dandelion and just... forget it. He lost his mind.

    And don't these examples go a long way toward explaining our affection for these furry friends?

    It takes so very little to make them happy. There's a lesson in there somewhere for human to learn and follow.

    Along those lines, here are some more really excited animals:

  • Juan Pablo Galavis to Nikki Ferrell: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell just called it quits, or so we're told, but that didn't stop him from flat out gushing over his former (?) girlfriend online.

    Juan Pablo Galavis With Nikki Ferrell Pic

    "Happy BIRTHDAY to one of the women with the BIGGEST and most CARING hearts I have ever MET," Juan Pablo wrote on Instagram. "Besitos @Nikki_Ferrell"

    A nice sentiment, but the timing is just plain bizarre.

    Earlier this week, we learned that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell broke up, to the surprise of literally no one who knows anything about the gruesome twosome.

    If anything, the surprise was that Nikki seemed to only recently realize just what kind of character she's dating if you watch Couples Therapy online.

    While not exactly endearing herself - Nikki BEASTING on fools because there are cameras on her or she doesn't get her way is hard to swallow - he didn't deserve her.

    Never did. Yet she stuck with him for a long time.

    Last night's big episode seemed to reinforce what the rest of us have been thinking for some time, as Nikki realized she gives and Juan Pablo just takes.

    Add to this a slew of reports that he was using her for fame and relevance while she just wanted a guy who would tell her he loves her ... which he never did.

    In any case, it's no surprise who dumped who.

    Juan Pablo And Nikki Ferrell Kiss
    Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell kiss in a cute photo.

    What did come as a shock was his birthday shout out. If she's one of the biggest and most caring hearts he's ever known, why treat her the way he did?

    Is he honestly, seriously trying to win her back, publicly?

    It's either that or he's making a desperate bid to salvage his reputation - in the eyes of Nikki and the public - despite how much he protests that he doesn't care.

    If he was using her for relevance and to remain in the public eye (to bolster his changes of representing pro athletes and other celebs, supposedly), well ...

    Where does the breakup leave him now? Eees over.

    Here's hoping Nikki gives him the cold shoulder she should have offered up almost a year ago on The Bachelor finale. Better late than never, right?

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