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This One image Explains Why Markets Are Loving What Happened In Europe

Here's a screenshot from German magazine Der Spiegel...


It basically tells you everything you need to know.

There's the "Spain and Italy getting their way" angle which implies that Germany didn't get its way. The fact that this is in a mainstream German paper is significant.

You have Mario Monti seemingly telling Angela Merkel who is boss, and her grimly accepting it.

And then the caption, something happening that Merkel had opposed.

This is the signal markets wanted: Something happen that Merkel had previously opposed.

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CardHub Managed To Find Prepaid Cards That Aren't Total Money Sucks

Suze Orman Personal Finance Approved Card Prepaid Debit

Often marketed to underbanked consumers, prepaid credit and debit cards haven't been as thoroughly regulated as other traditional financial products.

That's left much of the market free to riddle their cards with fees upon fees, but a new report by CardHub.com shows there are some diamonds in the rough.

"The prepaid card industry is difficult to navigate for two reasons: Most consumers are new to it and there are a multitude of different fees that prepaid card issuers have been known to charge," says Odysseas Papadimitriou, founder and CEO of CardHub.

After poring over a slew of prepaid cards, CardHub ranked the best and the worst of the bunch based on fees and usability.

The Suze Orman Prepaid Card and the Chase Liquid Card were distinguished as a couple of the best cards based on their usability and fee schedule. On the other hand, the AccountNow Visa Classic and the Original Rush Card were found to be some of the worst options––AccountNow charges a $1 surcharge on every purchase, and the Rush Card pops users with a $10 monthly fee. Both charge $2.50 for using an ATM.

Check out the full list here. Before you snap one up for yourself, here's how to know when you've found the right prepaid card for your needs:

Know how you'll use it: By figuring out your exact needs for a prepaid card, you'll have a better chance at finding the right fit for you. For example, for a checking account replacement, you'll want minimal fees for ATM transactions and the ability to direct deposit your checks into your account as well as pay bills online.

Steer clear of fees: Prepaid debit cards are known for their fees, which include ATM withdrawals and reloading charges. Nobody likes to read a Disclosure form or a fee schedule, especially since banks have a tendency to be a little wordy with them. However, if you don't spend the time to go through them you are bound to get hit with an unexpected fee later on.

DON'T MISS: These are the most badass credit cards out there >

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Zynga's Stock Tanks After Its Biggest Event Of The Year (ZNGA)

Zynga's second annual press event, where it reveals a bunch of new titles and features, was a total dud with investors.

Zynga unveiled a bunch of brand new gameplay options, like multiplayer, and a ton of new games with huge production values like FarmVille 2 and TheVille.

That apparently wasn't enough to please Wall Street, sending the stock tanking.

Also missing from the event: any mention of real-world money gambling games for Zynga. We aren't sure if this is the reason investors were displeased, but it seems probable.

Zynga Stock

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