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Four Money-Saving Items To Have In Your Medicine Cabinet

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As a parent, there’s nothing worse than taking your sick child to see a doctor only to be sent home and told to return in a few days if he or she gets worse (which usually happens).

We have health insurance, but a visit to the doctor is still money out of the family budget that could be used elsewhere.

Two visits for the same illness is especially painful.

As a nurse, I often teach parents of children to keep a small supply of over-the-counter medications to help cut back on calls to the doctor and trips to the ER in the middle of the night.

The same goes for adults. If you keep a few staples on hand, you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Here are four things that will help you cut back on costs during an illness:

**Of course, you should clear all medications and procedures with your doctor or pediatrician.**

4 Essential Medical Items

1. Advil AND Tylenol

You can alternate the two medications every hour to help control a high fever. In most cases, a low- to mid-grade fever is actually helpful in fighting off whatever is making you sick, so only treat temperatures above 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a good old fashioned glass thermometer unless you want to invest in the latest temperature-taking device. Digital thermometers that cost less than $10 are often unreliable and inaccurate.

2. Boric Acid Powder

This inexpensive powder can be used to treat a variety of infections without a prescription (and without antibiotics). For example, you can fill an empty gelatin capsule with approximately 600 mg of boric acid powder and insert it vaginally to cure most yeast or bacterial infections.

The cost of the powder and gel caps will run about $15 while the average over-the-counter yeast infection treatment is $12-20. Boric acid can also be mixed with sterile water to serve as an infection-fighting soak for burns. It will also treat stubborn athlete’s foot and severe acne breakouts.

3. Benadryl

Benadryl, which can be used to treat allergic reactions, is a must-have for all medicine kits. If someone develops hives or swelling of the mouth, tongue or throat, give them Benadryl (liquid works fastest) and get them to the ER.

It can also be used to safely treat mild insomnia (in kids and adults), relieve pressure from colds and flu, treat seasonal allergies, and dry up ear drainage  — which can relieve the pressure of an earache until you can get to the doctor.

4. Saline Nasal Rinse

Yes, it’s unpleasant to think about rinsing your sinuses, but doctors and allergy specialists often swear by daily sinus rinsing to help control allergy symptoms. It also helps relieve cold symptoms faster and keeps a simple bug from developing into an all-out sinus infection, ear infection, or respiratory infection.

There are sinus rinsing devices available for kids and adults, and the Nettie squeeze bottle is easy enough for a child to use, with supervision.

Always use your best judgment to decide when to seek medical care. While it’s okay to treat colds and minor illnesses at home, serious conditions can quickly develop (especially in children and infants). Go with your gut instinct.

If you think something isn’t right and are worried, call a doctor. But for many common health problems, treating symptoms at home can help you save a bundle.

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Some Big Money Is Getting Behind A Relative Unknown For NYC Mayor

Joe Lhota Mta 5The chances that former MTA head Joe Lhota will become the next Mayor of New York City seem small right now, but some of NYC's wealthiest are throwing their money behind him anyway, the NYT reports.

Lhota, who also served in the Giuliani administration, is entering a crowded field in this race. On the Republican side, he faces billionaire CEO of Gristedes supermarket, John Catsimatidis, who has promised to deploy his fortune for the campaign.

The Democratic side is stacked with veterans — former Comptroller Bill Thompson (who took on Bloomberg in 2009), Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and powerhouse fundraiser and City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn.

That isn't scaring some big names (and wallets) away from Lhota, though. Ken Langone, the billionaire founder of Home Depot, is one of them.

From NYT:

Kenneth G. Langone, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, has pledged his financial backing. Peter S. Kalikow, the real estate investor, has cut a big check. And James S. Tisch, the chief executive of the Loews Corporation, is on board...

Mr. Langone, a prodigious Republican donor, is even entertaining the possibility of an independent political action committee, unbound by spending limits, devoted to electing Mr. Lhota. “All I know is that Joe is not going to want for money,” he said in an interview.

Mr. Langone, who raised millions of dollars for Mr. Romney, said, “I plan to do everything I can to help Joe Lhota get elected, as long as it’s ethical and as long as it’s legal.” He called Mr. Lhota “a superb manager.”...

“I worry a lot about the fiscal health of New York City,” said Mr. Tisch, the head of Loews and an invitee to the Lhota breakfast. “As I look around at the group of people running for mayor, the person I think has the best capacity of dealing with these issues is Joe.”

It's important to keep in mind that NYC isn't a Republican town. Even if Lhota manages to win the Republican nomination, that doesn't mean every GOP donor will rally around him because victory could still be a long shot.

Christine Quinn has bagged some big former Romney donors like Randy Levine, the President of the New York Yankees, and Ron Perelman the chairman of Revlon.

For the full run down head to the New York Times>

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The 10 Dow Stocks That Do The Best In The Final Week Of January

At Seasonal Odds we analyzed the average historical performance of each of the Dow Jones components in the last week of January over the last 5 years.

These 10 stocks all returned over 1% on average in the single week that closes out the first month of the year.

Notable even among the top 10 is Bank of America, which was positive 100% of the time in the last week of January, returning 6.36% on average. American Express returned an average of 3.71% and was positive 80% of the time, while The Travelers Companies returned an average of 3.39% and was positive 100% of the time.

Screen%20shot%202013 01 29%20at%204.24.46%20am

Seasonal Odds is a live-updating stock market Almanac and real-time back-testing engine developed at Harvard and MIT. It was created by Daniel Nadler (PhD Candidate, Harvard) and Pete Kruskall (S.B. and M.Eng., MIT).

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